Want to Lose 15 Pounds Quick? Do This!

Elephant and Diets

If you’ve heard about the Whole 30 diet and wondered if it was worth the hassle; yes, yes it is. Is it worth the pain? Yes, yes it is. Will it change your relationship with food? Yes; we believe it will. Will you lose weight?  Yes!  We know there are a lot of yeses here; but it really works!
The toughest part of doing the Whole 30 diet is living through the first week. What you eat is completely changed and you must think about what you can and can’t eat. It’s rough. We’re not going to lie. But, once you’re through that first week, it gets a lot easier; and you see the benefits almost immediately!
This was my experience: I had struggled with heartburn for years. I started the Whole 30 and my heartburn was gone (I tell you) gone within that first week. It was heaven! The added bonus is that weight loss begins by Day 3. They tell you not to weigh yourself during the week but you absolutely will!
To do the Whole 30 diet, you need to know this:
You must be totally committed to eating this way for 30 days. (We had a difficult time with this, to be honest. After debating it for 6 months, we finally decided to do the Whole 5 and if we didn’t see any results we were done.) Well, we aren’t done.
It was created to be an elimination diet. You get rid of a bunch of different kinds of food and at the end, you can add them back one at a time and identify potential food allergies. 
It takes some planning. 
You can’t eat sucrose (processed sugar), you can’t eat cheese or other milk products, you can’t eat anything made with flour. You can’t eat peanuts or any type of bean.
You can eat fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat. Really; that is all you get to eat. Oh, and eggs. You can eat eggs. 
There are a few ready-prepared items in the grocery store that you can eat; but you really have to be careful and read labels to do this correctly. This is what we found: Sugar is hidden in a lot of the food we eat. It is only there as filler – to lower the quality of the food and save the producer money. It has been an eye opener; we had to change brands on salsa, spaghetti sauce, soup, etc. once we read labels and realized many companies are adding sugar to our food. We found that Muir Glen Spaghetti Sauce has no added sugar and most of Amy’s Organic Soups (except for tomato) are also sans sugar. This is not a paid endorsement. It is an effort to point you toward food that is actually food.
What do we eat? We mostly roast vegetables and we grill, bake, fry and boil meat. (We only boil chicken.) Sweet potatoes are our best friend. We slice sweet potatoes; drizzle a bit of olive oil over them; sprinkle them with cinnamon, salt, and pepper; and grill or bake them. Let them over-cook a bit and they will be crunchy and delicious! Roasted Asparagus is more delicious than we can tell you: if you drizzle it with olive oil and sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper. The florets get crunchy and they are honestly as tasty as french fries (which you can’t have). You are supposed to limit your potato intake (to 2 potatoes a week) but we don’t do that.
In short, you eat naked food. You buy most of your food from the perimeter of the grocery store and come home with a stunning amount of raw produce. There are no limits to the amount of food you can eat but don’t be a glutton, for goodness sake!   
After 9 days, one of us had lost 8 pounds and one of us had lost 7. We are no longer hooked on sugar (although we will always love it) and the chronic hunger has disappeared. We would die for some ice cream but are willing to forego it because we were tired of not being able to lose weight despite increasing our exercise by 12 miles per week for over one month. Now the exercise seems to make a difference. Added Bonus!
What do we eat? 
In a couple of days we’ll post a list of dinners we have enjoyed. We are literally eating more food than we usually do and still losing weight. So weird!
We suggest you get geared up for this diet and start right after Easter (so you can eat some candy and fresh baked rolls) and you can still be thinner by May!
Let us know any of any questions you might have!