How Old Are You, Anyway?

Brooke took the Mental Age testHave you ever been called immature? How did you react?  I’ve always smiled and thanked the giver of that piece of information. Being young for your age is not a bad thing as long as you aren’t irresponsible.  See what I’m saying there?  Everyone always says you’re as young as you feel but they’re kind of wrong. You can have a body that’s been used for sports – and feels pretty old – and still be young. You can live a sedentary life – and have the body that goes along with it – and still be young. Youth is really more of a state of mind – staying up with the times, not being afraid to laugh at the humorous as well as the ludicrous, and remaining curious. How old are you?

We found a test that will tell you how old you are! Sherry took it, she is 25 years old (we won’t tell you how old she really is, but 25 years old is 1 wedding and 3 children ago). Brooke took it, she is 27 years old (all this despite her tender age of 21 years old). Ha!  Brooke is older than her mom! Brooke would probably have tested out at 27 years old when she was 4 years old (that’s her at age 4 in the photo.)  Emma took it, too. She is 25 years old (despite her tender age of 19).  Emma and Sherry are going to hang out and make Brooke be responsible for them!

Want to take the test and see how old you are? Click this link and let us know your results!

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