Okay, Here Is More About Me.

Emily Strange and Weight, I'll Tell You About MyselfFacebook has a little game going on where someone tells you a little about them and then it’s your turn. I got the number 12 and dreaded having to come up with them. But I have to admit, it was kind of fun!   I think we should play a similar game here. In the spirit of disclosure, I’ll go first.  Here are 12 things about me:




1.  I have been married three times.

2. My first marriage was probably my best. I married him for his money. His wife made me divorce him.

3. My third marriage was granted a divorce by the Credit Bureau: I only had to report him.  Identity theft has its benefits.

4. Every significant boyfriend I had before graduating from college is dead. Except one.

5. I really wanted a dog.  Once.

6. I believe in Obama Care.  I believe in Satan.  One of those two statements is not true but I think you get my point.

7.  I love pushing people’s buttons. I have come to believe this is a family trait.

8. I spent my childhood believing I had been born to gypsies. And they had traded me to the family I grew up with for the other me.

9. I aspire to write bumper stickers.

10. There is this thing about me that, when I tell people, they just don’t believe me. It is this: never mind, you wouldn’t believe me.

11. I have come up with a pretty bad-ass theory regarding agentic shift and ethical conduct.  I need to finish that paper and get it submitted to a journal.

12. I watch crime shows (even though they give me nightmares) so I can tell my children what to avoid.  They say this terrorized them as children.

Okay. Your turn.  Please leave 3 or more things about yourself in the comments so we can all get to know each other. Don’t be shy…..