A Bird’s Tale

Your Dreams Can Come TrueWhen Sherry was a little girl, she really really wanted to catch a robin.  She has no idea what she would have done with said robin once the capture was complete yet she wanted one nonetheless. Her mom told her the secret to catching a wild bird and we’re going to share that with you.   If you want to catch a bird, you have to get close enough to put salt on its tail. With this small bit of (misleading) wisdom in hand, she armed herself with the salt shaker and a crystal perfume bottle that made high  pitched, bird-like noises and spent a great deal of her summer hiding the lilac bush waiting for an unwary bird to fall into her well set trap.  Parents can be so evil.

Sherry would wait and watch from her covert position. When she became impatient, she would spring out of the bushes at the nearby birds – only to have them fly away. Then she began to carefully and quietly attempt to approach birds, salt shaker in hand but hidden behind her back (she gave birds much more credit than they deserve) but the birds would always spot her and fly away. The waiting quietly in the bushes activity was hot, sticky, and quite a drag. No birds ever landed on her lilac bush or even close enough for her to apply the salt. She even tried praying since she heard that might work – God was on the side of the birds. After a few days of crouching amongst the leaves of her pathetic bird blind, this thought came to her: If you can get close enough to the bird to put salt on its tail, that bird can be caught because it’s dead or disabled. She abandoned her effort, returned the salt shaker to the kitchen, and quietly snuck the perfume bottle back to her mother’s dresser. But she never ever forgot her intense desire to get close enough to a wild bird to put salt on its tail.

Dreams are like that. They can elude your every move and rob you of play time. Old adages are like that, too. Many of them are written as a conundrum and the riddle can leave you befuddled as you look for that corner in the round room. Moms are like that. We think they just sometimes need a break and one child out in the lilac bushes waiting for a bird to fly by is a pretty nice break on a lazy summer day.  And God always seems to be on the side of the birds.

Life moves on and your dreams fade as you enter new phases of your life. But sometimes…sometimes…  you remember that dream on an unexpected day. Like today.

The bird in this picture is one that was sitting on a rock as Brooke and I took our daily walk in the park. Brooke noted in the surprise how a baby robin did not move as we passed the rock.  We stopped and looked at this little robin standing stock still and appearing to gaze out over the lake. We laughed that it was probably watching the new baby ducks frolic.  Our dogs politely sniffed the bird’s bottom. It did not move from it’s military stance. We named it Hitler and took a few pictures of it.  Darn, I’d left my salt shaker at home! So we got a branch and tried to coax it to hop into the underbrush so he would be hidden from predators. Hitler would move his legs and flap his wings a little but was very firm on his Stand Your Ground policy.  We think he may have taken a tumble and had a concussion or something.

We left that stoic little robin standing atop his rock gazing out at the pond and Sherry was happy to finally have been close enough to put salt on a bird’s tail. This time we hoped there was a God out there somewhere who was really on his side.

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