The Power of Three

Triads are powerful. Avoid MSG, aspartame, and high fructose corn syrup.Have you noticed that power always seems to travel in threes? Hong Kong has its evil 14K Triad, television has Charmed, American government has its Iron Triangle, and Christians have their Trinity. Even music has a triad (have you ever heard the song by David Crosby about menage a trois called Triad?).  And did you know the triangle is the strongest shape? That’s why it’s so commonly used in bridge building. We don’t know why, but three seems to be the number that contains the power to both heal and hurt.


We have one more triad for you to add to you lists of three: high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and aspartame.  This isn’t just for the sake of diet, it’s for the sake of your good health.  You see, each of these chemically developed food additives mess with your metabolism, internal organ health, brain function, and eating. It sounds so dramatic, we know. But we’ve been researching these for the past couple of weeks and it just makes us sick to think of how the food industry makes us sick in an effort to sell more product. Recognizing how these three items can negatively impact your life and refusing to put them into your body will result in better health and a healthier weight. More later; but we wanted to be up front about this so you can work on cutting them out of your diet now rather than after we’ve provided the compelling evidence to do so.

Now go watch your Star Wars trilogy.


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