Drinking on the Job

The Green Drink

You know the Green Drink? We decided to try it out and tell you what we thought.  We were thinking that liking it would be a good thing because it’s full of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and minerals and the ingredients were foods we would typically put in a salad – or whatever. A quick drink giving us all of our nutrients seemed like something we could get used to.  The promise is you will lose weight by drinking this drink and making no other changes in your diet.

Following the recipe, we mixed the drink in the blender.  If you decide to make this drink, mix the banana and orange in the mixer first and then add the greens. Dry greens don’t mix really well without any moisture and you’ll find yourself digging spinach greens out of your blender when they don’t do their thing.

The Green DrinkThe results will be a bright green mixture that looks exactly like the picture here. It looks healthy. But it smells kind of nasty.  It smells like crushed spinach with a high strawberry smell – as Brooke put it – “kinda like throw up, but not quite.”  Or kind of like old salad that you forgot to put in the fridge.  Slightly dreading the task at hand, we closed our eyes and took a drink.  Hmm.   It boasts a heavy spinach taste with a slightly citrus overtone enhanced by the flavor of strawberries.  With great effort we finished the drink and struggled to hold back the gag reflex the entire time.

We expected this extra boost of vitamins and minerals to keep us feeling full and satisfied until lunchtime. Unfortunately, we were hungry by 9:30. So it was good for about an hour. See, we were on our way to New York when the hunger hit and we don’t really eat while driving but we had many serious discussions about stopping for food along the way that day. Once we’d arrived at our destination, we tricked Emma and Jake into going to Toast for brunch, Westside Market for snacks because brunch left us still hungry, and then later for pizza.  Yes, we picked up cupcakes from Crumbs to continue our refining our cupcake diet.

In short, the Green Drink left us gagging, dissatisfied, and hungry. We made it one more time (masochists that we are) and added raw honey, cherry juice, cinnamon, and coconut oil to try to make it taste better. Well. That was a disaster.   Pouring it down the drain, was a gruesome task that left us thinking of, well, what the stomach flu can often look like.  Ew.  Never again for this drink. In the alternative, we would suggest a yummy Spinach and Strawberry Salad that has similar ingredients and would be a lot tastier.  It would be so much easier than trying to drink this glop.

The Wild Zombie

We know y’all are interested in nutritional drinks so we tried one more time. Sherry asked a dear friend, June,  for her health drink recipe and she was kind enough to lend it to us. June drinks it quite often so we were willing to give it a try.

To make this drink, you will need :

About ½ c of mixed berries (she uses Trader Joe’s  frozen berry mix because it contains cherries).
Two handfuls of your favorite greens (she uses spinach, kale, beet greens, chard, etc.)
1 T. Chia Seeds (you can also get these from Trader Joe’s in the cereal section)

To mix the drink:  blend the berries and add the chia seeds. Let it sit for a few minutes to let the chia seeds soften and expand. Add the greens and a little water (you control the thickness on this one) and blend well.

Wild ZombieThis drink was easier by far to make. It looked kind of like a deep blood red (not going to lie we were making a lot of vampire and zombie jokes – we have dubbed this drink the Wild Zombie as a result).  If you use your imagination (of which we have none) you could see it as a rich deep chocolate much like a red velvet cake (but blended – and  not cake-like—and better for you).  We skipped the spinach because of our hatred of the Green Drink as mentioned above. We used kale and cilantro in our drink just because we got to pick the greens and those were in the refrigerator.  This drink smelled a lot better – more like a fruit drink with deep veggie undertones.  Much more to our liking.  The taste was a lot like when you order a Jamba Juice and ask them to put lemon grass in it.  It is milder, fruitier, and very healthy for you.  Because you are using mixed fruits, expect to find some seeds but they confuse you a little because of the presence of the chia seeds.  Okay, we didn’t let the chia seeds soften because we have no patience. We just threw it all together and blended it. If we were to choose between the two drinks, this is the one we would make.  The Wild Zombie did not leave us hungry like the Green Drink – which made us happy.

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