Happy Mama at Benihana

Yesterday was a wonderful Mother’s Day for us! Every year we go to Benihana for Mother’s Day and this year we continued the tradition.  We love going to Benihana not only because the food is incredible, which it is, but also because they cook it in front of you and put on a fun and silly show.  We also like that they serve the meal in courses and begin with a soup and then a salad.  The soup is a clear broth onion soup with mushrooms, which is really rather healthy and completely delicious.  The salad is good, as far as salads go, and has a tasty ginger dressing.  Brooke pretends to eat the salad because even a good salad is still a salad. We hesitated before ordering the chicken fried rice, but decided that celebrations are cause for greater leniency.

One of the most difficult things about trying to watch what and when we eat is that food plays a major part in celebrations and traditions.  While a lot of dieting advice tells us that we have to find different ways to celebrate or show our appreciation we have come to the realization that food is always going to be a part of tradition, and we think that’s alright.  Part of creating a diet, or eating lifestyle, that is sustainable is making concessions and admitting the things that you really aren’t willing to stop doing.  For us, Benihana on Mother’s day is one of those concessions.

However, just because we aren’t willing to give it up completely doesn’t mean we can’t try to make small adjustments to our meal.  For example, last night we drank water instead of sodas.  This seems like a small thing but the benefits of being properly hydrated combined with the avoidance of extra calories mean that this small choice can have a big impact on weight loss without ruining your fun.  We also made reservations just a little bit earlier in the evening because of our newfound knowledge that food eaten late in the evening is stored as fat. Because honestly, who wants that?

To make our night complete the Upper West Side provided us with a rare treat: a flaming trash can that surprised even our cab driver.  We have no idea why it was on fire, but we were glad to be in a taxi.


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