Ghrelin S’More & Elizabeth Park

Ghrelin Matters When You DietWhy does ghrelin matter in weight loss?  We talked your ear off about ghrelin yesterday. Here is why it matters.

Ghrelin makes you hungry. If you are lacking minerals and vitamins, it will make you hungry. If your body needs something you aren’t providing, it makes you hungry.  Even when you’re dieting…no, especially when you’re dieting, you need to listen to your body. It’s really important for you to get back in touch with whether you are eating because of actual hunger or for some other reason.

Your grandmother (well, maybe not yours but somebody’s you know) was right.  You don’t eat all night long. Breakfast means you break a fast. It’s hard to break a fast if you stuff your face with treats all night. So stop doing that!  If you stay up late at night your body will ask for food because it is trying to find the energy to keep you awake. Ghrelin is driven by your circadian rhythms so it will increase at night if you don’t go to bed at a reasonable time or if you keep your lights for hours after the sun goes down. Don’t eat. Go to bed!

Use diet time to understand how ghrelin is your friend. It is your friend. We promise. And this diet we’re cooking up for you will make you very happy that ghrelin is your friend. Because ghrelin is sometimes satisfied when it is fed something sweet. You’ll have to wait until we have a stronger proof but things are looking very good.

Oh, wait! We promised you pictures of the tulips in Elizabeth Park.  Sorry it’s taken us awhile but we did want to share this with you.

Tulips at Elizabeth Park Tulips at Elizabeth Park Tulips at Elizabeth Park


Don’t you just love them!

When you diet, you shouldn’t be constantly hungry or feel completely deprived. Yes, you need to eat fewer calories or you (like us) wouldn’t be checking out the diet alternatives. But deprivation is not going to help you meet you goal of losing weight and then maintain it.

Everybody gets tired of losing 20 pounds when it’s simply the same 5 pounds taken off and then regained 4 times. So let’s figure out a way to break the cycle and experience a true 20 pound (or more or less – you decide) weight loss.

Well, it’s past 10 p.m.  So go to bed already!

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