Considering the Cupcake Diet

ImageThe long silence has been due to our insurgency. Sorry.  We decided to do a few weeks of maintenance by trying out a diet on a phone app. We spent a couple of days trying to decide whether to do Noom or Myfitnesspal.  We aren’t willing to use either of them.

No.  We don’t think they’re awful. We just don’t want to play right now.  Some of it is Spring fever. We have it pretty bad. We enjoy taking the dogs and heading to the park to play which sometimes gets in the way of Brooke’s homework.  But she always gets it done. Yay!

Anyway,  Spring brings the end of the school year and some adjusting that comes with switching from school to internships and trying to figure out how to get all of Emma’s and Jake’s stuff to Connecticut from New York in the easiest manner possible.  And this beautiful, beautiful sunshine!

We just can’t get our heads around a new diet regimen right now. But we want to keep losing weight!  After discussing this on myriad walks in the park, we have decided to shake it up a bit. So we’re going to try creating a variation of the Satan Diet that will let us lose weight and stay healthy all at the same time.  Today we started by doing Day 1 of the traditional Satan Diet. Yes. Fruit. Tomorrow – we really aren’t sure yet what that will bring. We’ll let you know when we get there.

We were going to start this yesterday but got sidetracked.  See, we went to dinner with Emma in New York on Saturday and, as an after dinner treat, went to Crumbs Bake Shop. If you haven’t been there, add it to your bucket list. We love that place! They specialize in making to-die-for cupcakes. Cupcakes extraordinaire!  They’re better than any cupcake place we’ve ever visited. They make these yummy cupcakes that are filled in the middle.

The first time we went there, we got a Raspberry Swirl cupcake, an Apple Cobbler cupcake, and a Carrot cupcake.  We shared them so we’d know which ones we liked best and left one for Emma to share with Jake.  We devoured the Raspberry Swirl first and were delighted to find it filled with gooey raspberry filling! Next, we attacked the Apple Cobbler cupcake and found the center filled with cinnamon apples! We were both in heaven and wondering where this bakery had been all of our lives.  After a refreshing glass of milk, we eyed the Carrot cupcake and decided if you only live once you should really do it filled with cupcakes on occasion. And the Carrot cupcake was looking so yummy!  Sherry stuck her fork in the cupcake – then hesitated and glanced sideways at Brooke.  “If the raspberry cupcake is filled with raspberry filling and the apple cobbler cupcake is filled with apples…..omg what have we done!?!?!?  I am not prepared to find a carrot in the middle of this cupcake!” We were cautious and ate all around the center of the cupcake. In a moment of sheer bravery, Brooke sliced through the center of the cupcake to find – only delicious cupcake. No filling! Those Crumbs people are so kind and wise.  Anyway, yesterday was another Crumbs cupcake day so the diet had to start today. And guess what! We both somehow managed to lose a little less than a pound each while feasting on cupcakes!

  Life is good.


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