The End is Near – Satan Diet

ImageToday we finished up our Satan diet. Are we sorry we did it?  No!  It’s really a pretty easy diet for us.  It’s still hard not to eat when we’re bored or upset; but we’re improving.  But we do have this little problem.  We think it might help explain why we are so enamored of the Satan Diet.

When we wake up in the morning and see day after day of no true progress (like we have on other diets) we are understandably disappointed.  If we’ve been really good the day before and not lost any weight – why are we bothering? We aren’t willing to eat my 24 points or eat the food someone else planned out for me if it’s not going to work anyway. We think this is why we cheat. We cheat because we are avenging ourselves.  We feel ripped off – and ice cream not only makes it better but makes up for the stupid diet not working.

With the Satan Diet, we’ve seen steady downward progress each time. And with that progress, we’ve acted much more like grownups. We’re willing to eat vegetables all day knowing there is a reward in store for us the next morning. We will choke down yogurt for the same reason. (Well, Brooke won’t, to be honest. There is nothing on this earth that will convince Brooke to eat an entire container of yogurt.)

Sherry went to the store yesterday while Brooke was in school. She picked up the few items she needed to purchase and found herself in the ice cream section with a package of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia in her hand and headed to the cart.  “No, no, no!” she scolded herself, “This will cost you $5 and gain you one pound.”  Although she has said this to herself a multitude of times before, it has never ever stopped her from allowing the ice cream to make contact with the shopping cart. Until yesterday. She came home without the ice cream – not to say she hasn’t tried to contrive a new reason to go to the grocery store to try again. But small victory – we’ll take it and are recognizing that progress is very closely tied to victory for us.

Brooke says it’s like kissing. If you have a boyfriend and then find out he’s kissing other people, you will probably go out and kiss a bunch of other people. Not because you particularly want to but because you are tired of being in a place that isn’t working.  So getting a whole bunch of what you were restricting yourself from makes you feel better. And kissing doesn’t make your butt fat…..hmmmm.


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