Lost My Pants Dance

ImageUsually the loss of one’s pants is a less than a joyous occasion.  Well, not really true. Everyone takes great joy in shedding their pants to wander about the house – if they can get away with it. But this one is more of the pants falling right off of your butt kind of loss. How could that be anything but bad?

We once needed some wallboard moved. We had a neighbor come over to help us out. He was holding one end of the wallboard and I was helping everyone safely navigate the bar, the dining table, the wall, etc. Well, long story short, he inadvertently dropped his pants while his hands were full of wallboard.  He could feel them slipping and looked at me helplessly. What was I to do!?!?!  Not touching that! So his pants hit the floor and we all laughed until we cried and we almost lost a piece of wallboard and a friend in the process. He eventually forgave us for making a potentially embarrassing situation a simple devastation of the whole person. But it took a while.  He wore tighty whiteys, in case you were wondering.  Old people.

Sherry was thinking about that today as she was doing dishes. She has a ratty pair of sweat pants that she loves to wear around the house. She tied a knot in the string at the waist a couple of years ago. She got to the point when she almost had to untie them to widen the, errr, girth a bit.  But she just quit wearing them instead. She’s been happy to be able to wear them for the past year after losing a little weight. But today they were falling off her butt while she was doing dishes! They aren’t loose enough to hit the ground but this was most certainly worth a happy dance!  It’s the little things that make us feel we’ve accomplished something. Even if the little thing is an oversized pair of sweats. 


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