Weight Weight Get Sleep!

Today is our last day of the weight watchers points plus diet.  We tried it, and it hasn’t been bad.  The downside is that we didn’t lose any weight.  We managed to maintain our weights, but were looking to lose weight and were disappointed.  Not a pound dropped.  So we’ve decided we are going to take tomorrow off and then do another round of the Satan Diet.  Although it is restrictive it provided us with plenty of food every day and the weight loss that we crave.

Last night neither of us slept well due to a combination of nasty colds and insufficient allergy pills.  It’s not the only night this week we’ve gotten insufficient sleep and, we’re realizing, it may be part of our weight loss problem.  Apparently not getting enough sleep makes you fat.  Part of what happens is that when you are tired you eat more sugar, drink more coffee (which isn’t good, even if it’s gorgeous), and eat more in general in an effort to keep yourself awake.  Even more frustratingly, it slows your metabolism.  This means you eat more calories, and burn them off more slowly.  With this in mind, we’re going to have to stop going to bed past midnight…..tomorrow perhaps.


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