Hey!  Sherry looked in the mirror and isn’t quite as “thick” looking as she used to be.  Hurray!  Progress.  Brooke is still ill and has maintained using the Weight Watchers Points Plus but that’s about it.  Neither of us feel the Points Plus system is letting us lose weight – it seems to be a great maintainer, though. Let’s talk about BMIs for a second.

Today we calculated our BMIs. You can find an app to do this on any smartphone or you can just do it the old fashioned way. Here’s the formula:

BMI = (weight/height * height) * 703

Brooke’s BMI is 22.6  Sherry’s is 27.47.  According to the National Institute of Health, the folks who gets to decide what your BMI means, Brooke is at a healthy weight and Sherry is considered overweight (but not obese – whew!). Brooke is not so sure she agrees. She wants to fit in her summer clothes and that is not happening at her current weight. So we are thinking we need to hit the Devil Diet again since the weather is improving on a daily basis. We discussed exercise and Sherry’s mom (aka Brooke’s grandmother) came through for us with this little gem:


 We are starting to think our problems are totally genetic. We know we need to exercise at some point but are waiting for summer. Why? Mostly, because we’re busy and lazy and want to exercise in warm weather.  But Sherry needs to get rid of quite a few pounds so after the Devil Diet rerun, she’ll probably have to seriously consider exercising.  We just feel that’s kind of drastic.

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