Sugar Babies

ImageIt’s hard to stick to Weight Watchers Points Plus when you’re sick. Brooke has been sick for the past two days and is afraid she has strep. She’s increased her use of vitamins and zinc in hopes of her illness really being a virus. We’ll see. But when you have points to track, how do you track cough syrup, throat lozenges, hot lemonade, and EmergenC? Granted she takes the EmergenC with Sprite because it’s just gross with water. We mix raspberry emergenC with about four fingers of Sprite; it’s not too nasty. We honestly swear by this stuff – not sure how it works but we are confident it works!

Anyway, back to points. If we want to eat out while on this diet, we head to Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone. This website is stuffed with the points of almost any meal in practically any restaurant. Check it out, you’ll love it, too! We’re still looking for a site that can give us points for make-at-home casseroles.  So far no luck.  But many people must abuse this diet with candy intake since the internet is rife with points for candy sites. We’re thinking everyone has taken the “eat what you want” concept too far. Judgy, we know. But at some point you have to stop eating 5 pounds of candy if you want to lose weight. OMG that sounds so bad coming from sugar babies like us! 

Here are some more Easter candy tips:

  1. Throw out the candy that isn’t your favorite.  Go ahead. Do it! The world will not end.
  2. Now throw out the candy that is your favorite. Less in your house, less on your butt.  This is harder than the candy you don’t like so we made you throw out the least favorite stuff first.
  3. Have a Happy Hour each day until the candy is gone. Each day, pick one hour in which you can eat candy if you wish. You can’t eat it at any other time in the day so pick a good hour. If you’re following WW Points Plus you still have to count the points and decide what you want to eat. But we found that having only marginally good candy around makes Happy Hour not quite so happy; which translates into a happier time on the scales the next day.
  4. Transform your Happy Hour. Start leaving grapes, bananas, raisins, etc. in strategic places during Happy Hour. See if you can at least upgrade your love of sugar to one that excludes a love of refined sugar. 

You see, it’s no mistake our 5 pound losses were illustrated by a 5 pound bag of sugar or flour the other day.  Cut out the refined sugar and you’ll probably lose 5 pounds easy. 


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