A Bunch of Hot Air

TwixDieting is more work that we thought. We can’t believe how much we have talked and thought about food this past month! But instead of discussing the next batch of oatmeal cookies (raisins or chocolate chips? Difficult decision.) or whether to split a Twix or a Snickers at the grocery store (which of course we can eat on the Weight Watchers Points Plus diet if we want to squander about 3.5 points apiece), we are cognizant of healthy foods and thinking about why we eat what we eat. We have even identified our scary times of day. We both crave something sugary sweet at 3:00 p.m. each day and then again at night if we don’t go to bed by 11:00.  We don’t know if this awkward thinking stage will last but we are hoping it does.

After reading of our adventures, Brooke’s grandma sent us a recipe for tilapia. That email caused much consternation and conversation around our home. We ate Cilantro Roasted Salmon – wasn’t that enough? Do we really have to try other fish?  Disgruntled and discouraged we wandered around the house muttering, “Fish are friends, not food” for a few days before Sherry just got over it already and went to the store for tilapia. The little helper guy assured her tilapia was not fishy tasting as he searched through the pile of fish searching for the smallest piece he could find. Sherry was skeptical. Brooke was unaware.  Fast forward to dinner time and Brooke quickly became distinctly aware of the attendant stench of baking fish. The recipe was a mustard/parmesan encrusted deal. Easy to make but not our favorite – see, we don’t really love mustard either.  But the tilapia was excellent! We were stunned. We actually scraped the coating off and ate the fish and are ashamed to say we quite enjoyed it.  Why ashamed? Because we are such big babies when it comes to trying new food.  We are frightened to death of eating a piece of fishy fish!

Anyway, the puppies have lived through their flu and are again romping through the house making small nuisances of themselves. Cici enjoys biting Maggie’s face and, for some mysterious reason, Maggie takes exception to that. We gave them baths to eliminate the last vestiges of flu smell. You know what they like? They like a blow dry after a bath. We’ve never had dogs actually want to be blown dry before now. Maggie, especially, will luxuriate under the stream of warm air.  Cici is crazier and will range an assault on the room, stopping only in the vicinity of the person holding the blow dryer. She’ll sit cautiously (yet still on high alert) under the stream of warm air while Maggie clumsily leaps on top of the toilet seat trying to get our attention and, thus, a changed direction on the air. Then Cici dashes away and runs some crazy doggy circles before she returns for more. Our dogs are cray cray.



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