Weight Watchers Points Plus – Dieting Made Easy

So far the Weight Watchers Points Plus system is very perplexing.  It’s strange to be on a diet and be eating candy in the same day, and to not be cheating.  Today we both felt very bad for ourselves because now we have the flu so sore throats and coughs all around.  So we dosed ourselves with chocolate and tacos somehow still didn’t exceed our points limit.  Completely unfathomable.  Can we really lose weight this way?

We woke up feeling groggy and icky and consoled ourselves with a little bit of chocolate.  One of the best lessons we’ve learned from dieting so far is that self control doesn’t mean never ever eating what you like.  Rather it means eating things you like but in reasonable amounts and mixing in a few things you like less, like fish and vegetables.  So far that seems to be the best thing about this Points Plus system, it really focuses on choices and allows for indulgences in moderation.  This makes sense to us because never eating tacos again is completely unrealistic.  People will always ask you to lunch or out to dinner and it’s unreasonable to expect that you’ll never go or that you’ll only order one of those oh so unsatisfying salads.

So far, this diet seems like it has some great potential.  It’s really important record what you eat as you go, otherwise by the end of the day it’s hard to remember everything you’ve eaten.  Part of the purpose of recording your food is making calculations, but another part (and probably the more important part) is becoming more mindful of what exactly you are putting in your mouth.  It’s very easy to eat continuously throughout the day, never really noticing what you’ve picked up and started munching on.  If you write down everything you eat, at the end of the day you can see where the majority of your points are going and whether or how nutritious your choices were.  It reminds us of our credit cards and those little pie charts that tell you where you’ve spent most of your money.  It looks like today we spent a bit more than we should have on indulgences.

We haven’t whined at all during this diet.  So far we’ve been able to move right to aligning what we choose to eat with our allowed points.  We’re wondering if our coming to terms with our relationship with food has kept us out of the whining stage for this diet and allowed us to move right into the aligning phase and well on our way to dining.


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