Flying High in the Danger Zone

Robins Eggs NestedOur diet got off to a bad start this morning. Brooke tumbled out of bed, let the dogs out to do their business, and grabbed some candy from her Easter basket on the way to the kitchen.

“What are you doing, Brooke? That’s not a good way to start our diet out.”

“Ugh. I forgot! Wait – what are you chewing?”


Sherry had – without even thinking – nabbed a chocolate egg and was unconsciously nomming on it while she was correcting Brooke’s candy eating activity.  Awkward. We both recorded the candy consumption on our Food Trackers and pouted as we looked up the points.  We don’t think anyone could survive on the Weight Watchers Points Plus Diet without the internet. We are constantly Googling our food for point values.

The good news is that candy was definitely not a deal breaker on this diet. This is Weight Watchers Points Plus so the rules are different. Eating candy didn’t kill our diet – it is part of our diet. We can eat what we want as long as we don’t exceed our points! This is one feature of the diet that Brooke really likes. She can let her inner anarchist sleep peacefully because no one is trying to tell her what to do.

This diet is not about educating us to eat well. It is about teaching us portion control while working to educate us on making different food choices.  It is about making us conscious of the many times we  unthinkingly stuff a little treat into our mouths. And it’s motivating us to stawwwp already!

Anyway, Brooke escaped to the safety of her job (food is not allowed in the archives of the law library) and Sherry remained home. Twice more she caught herself with Easter candy in her mouth. It’s those Robin’s Eggs (i.e., malt balls that look like eggs).  Lesson one of the Points Plus plan: move food that is bad for you away from danger zones.  Put that bad yummy food in a bowl high up on a shelf so you can only get some if you’ve given it some thought.


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