Balloons Are Not For the Faint of Heart

ImageEverybody needs a break now and then and we certainly decided to take one. We will actually start counting our points on Friday for Weight Watchers. But we needed a couple of days to eat pizza and Mexican food and just not have to worry about food.

But we were talking about fat a lot during that rainstorm the other day. See, fat is something that is kind of interesting. Some people get fat and look pretty good and some people get fat and look like an olive on a toothpick. Other people just seem to get a fat tummy and other people get a fat behind.

When I was thin, I used to look at chubby people and wonder how they ever let themselves get that way. Don’t ever wonder about anything – it seems to come back and get you by letting you live through it. I’ve said, “Oh, I wonder how she lives through (place awful life situation here)” and I get stuck in that situation. Every. Single. Time.

So I’ve quit wondering. (Not really. I just concentrate on wondering what it would be like to be rich. Or thin. Or place wonderful life situation here).  So that should be coming around pretty soon.  I hope.

Anyway. Fat. This is what I noticed. We didn’t have a scale and I knew I’d put on a few pounds (my clothes made a desperate attempt to advise me of my chubby state by squishing me and ripping apart at the seams). I decided to lose weight. But I didn’t do a lot to make it happen but I noticed my fat tummy got firmer. Oooo! I must be losing weight! See how firm my tummy is!  And then one day I realized I was pretty fat and my tummy felt like a blown up balloon.

Losing weight in the last few days, my tummy now looks like a deflated balloon. Such a bummer; it is not my idea of attractive at all. Bodies don’t just snap right back to that thin state. Looking at it (which I try to avoid doing), I can tell it’s going to take a bit work than originally anticipated. I mean, I’m committed to losing the weight but I’m not sure what to do with all this extra skin. Hopefully, it will disappear at some point.   Anyway, tomorrow we’ll tell you a little bit about the Weight Watchers Points Plus diet. We’ve done it before and I lost about 10 pounds – well 10 pounds is what I’ve kept off. I lost more but can’t take credit for it because it’s the same weight I just lost on the Satan Diet. Now I’m working on those fresh pounds!   Yay!


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