The Satan Diet – Gains and Losses

ImageWell, the week is up and we have been initiated into the world of crash diets. This was actually pretty fun! We’re ready to talk about what we lost, what we gained, and whether we’d do it again.

We were a bit worried when we started the Satan Diet. We weren’t sure if we could really lose weight on it. We were both secretly worried about what we would eat on vegetable day.

What we gained:

  • We gained some free time! On the day you only eat fruit there are no dishes to clean! We were pretty excited about that. We only ate raw fruit so when kitchen duty started for the day it went very quickly and we had time for a game of Parcheesi!
  • A slight fondness for vegetables. We liked vegetable day better than fruit day just because it was nice to eat some warm food. But that meant dishes to clean so, really we only got a 1 day reprieve from dishes.
  • New hostessing skills. We had a friend over for dinner and shamelessy served him salad. He was gracious and said the salad was a satisfying meal. We’ve never served just a salad to company before!

What we lost:

  • We lost the food chart! This is a pretty easy diet to follow because you only have to remember one thing with a few extra caveats each day.  For example, eat fruit but avoid bananas. When we got hungry we knew exactly what we could eat – we didn’t have to refer back to a food chart at all. Simple is nice.
  • All respect for yogurt. We ate it, but we didn’t like it.
  • Our confidence in our love for tomatoes. We really thought our most very favorite day would be chicken and tomato day. When we bought the tomatoes we savored that green, summery smell they emitted. But we tired of that smell by 1 p.m.  The good news is we only had to deal with them for one day so it was easy to not cheat (much). We can do anything for just one day!
  • Okay. Go to your kitchen and find a 5 pound bag of flour or sugar. Either one will do. Hold it a moment. Now realize that is exactly what Brooke and Sherry both lost in one week!  Brooke lost 6.2 pounds to be exact (and remember, she did cheat on Easter with her candy). She looks great!  Sherry lost 5.2 pounds. She feels great but has a way to go before “looks great” would be applicable. But we are both thrilled!

Diet Details:  We would recommend you check your calendar before beginning this diet. Be strategic. If you have something special coming up that involves food – reschedule your diet or schedule so you can somewhat eat on that special day. For example, we didn’t do this and were chagrined to realize Easter was on chicken and vegetable day. All tradition flew out the window as we gave up dreams of leg of lamb with mint sauce and even ham. We ate chicken and vegetables. It was nice.  Brooke cheated and ate a bunch of Easter candy but it did not destroy her diet. Yay!

Satan Diet:   4.7

                        Educational:   4         Doable:    5          Did we lose weight:  5

What’s Next?  Call us crazy but we kind of liked this diet. It was relatively easy, simple to follow, and we really got results! We’re thinking we’ll use Weight Watchers Plus for the next few weeks and then hop back on the Satan Diet train for another spin around the block. Brooke is a bridesmaid in a few months and wants to look perfect in her dress. Her weight loss goal is 20 more pounds. 

8 thoughts on “The Satan Diet – Gains and Losses

    • I will absolutely let you know! Today and yesterday I lost a little bit more (about 1/2 a pound) so I’m hopeful (even with my Easter candy eating) that I’ll be able to continue to lose. What surprised me is that I thought I would lose more than Brooke (since I’m fatter than her to start). But she lost more than me so my theory that we lose a percentage of weight eating the same foods isn’t panning out. Bummer! Starting today, we are going to use Weight Watcher’s PLUS to try to continue to lose before our next round of the Satan Diet. I miss you!

    • Good Question, Tiasa. If you read our post, Too Much of a Good Thing, you will get a good picture of how our summer went. Well, at least the month of August.

      We are both stress eaters and that has been one of our greatest challenges. During the month of August we found ourselves in DISTRESS and while following the Cupcake Time Diet ate all of the cupcakes one day and completely quit every healthy action we were taking. Brooke gained 10 pounds and Sherry gained 8 pounds during August….so we did gain some (not all) of it back but we understand why and what we did to get there. Honestly, if we had not lost weight we would have still packed on the additional 10 pounds in August so we would have been super chubby. Now we are following the Cupcake Time Diet and losing it again.

      Before using the Satan Diet, we had never had any luck losing weight, or at least not a lot of weight. Sherry has already lost 3 of the regained weight and Brooke hasn’t really started again because September is a busy (and food filled) month for law school students. She is starting it this week.

      What we like about the Satan Diet is that you can lose the weight and get a jump start on weight loss instead of losing weight at glacial speed. But then you have to work on those lifestyle habits that got you fat (or pleasantly plump) in the first place. But if you fall off the wagon, you totally know how to pick yourself up and get back to where you wanted to be. We are thinking we’ll lose 10 more pounds than we need to so if we hit a bad spot again, we have some wiggle room.

      • Hi! Thank you for the Satan diet & your comments all along.
        I have some questions I hope you will answer.
        1. 8 servings of yogurt/milk– would that be an 8oz serving?
        2. Up to 8 servings of bananas & yogurt/milk–so less than 8 is okay?
        3. I am on Day 5 (chicken/turkey & tomatoes) and have not seen any weight loss whatsoever. Is that kinda normal? Will I just drop it all on day 7?
        4. I have been very good/adherent these days, except for 1 breakfast where I ate some eggs & bacon. Do you think that was enough to sabotage it?
        5. I have 10 lbs to lose, and like you, I love the simplicity of this diet as opposed to even the Cupcake diet. I am hoping to lose at least 4 lbs this week, and do it another week. Anyone you know do it 2 weeks in a row?

        Thanks for trolling through this! I really need some feedback, because I am all alone on this diet.

      • Hi! Happy to answer your questions! I’m just scratching my head over your lack of weight loss on this diet…I have had 2 friends not lose weight with the Satan Diet. One had an underlying health condition (thyroid) and that kept her from losing any weight at all. The second friend was already quite thin and I don’t know why she didn’t lose weight but she didn’t. (I wondered if the “diet” had her eating more than she normally did – but I’ll never know on that one.) Now to your questions!

        1 – A serving. If your yogurt comes in 8 oz containers, that would be a serving. I usually get the smaller container because I really don’t like yogurt. If you buy a great big huge one, I would guess about 1/2 cup would work as a serving.

        2 – Yes – the “up to” means don’t eat more but you can always eat less. The whole diet is really set up for you to eat when you are hungry – and to eat those specific items – when you are hungry being the key. If you aren’t hungry; don’t eat.
        3 – I’m sad to say the weight won’t drop off on day 7. Typically, you experience a pound or two of weight loss each day if you are in the “average” weight area. During vegetable day, I don’t use any butter for cooked vegetables. No sauces or dips, either. Naked vegetables only. Also, if you’re already quite thin, the weight loss seems to be slower.
        4- The one breakfast may have set you back a bit – and “a bit” is probably magnified since we only have 7 days – but I still would have expected you to experience a little bit of weight loss over the week. So I’m not sure. When I do this diet, I’m super serious about losing that weight so I don’t cheat for anything or anybody. So….maybe?
        5 – I do know people who have stayed on this diet for 2 weeks in a row and have lost a bunch of weight. You’re getting your nutrients (and if you’re at all like me, you’re eating better than when you are left to your own devices) so there isn’t any reason to worry about it being detrimental to your health. I usually suggest you eat the Ultimate Soup for an extra day or two before starting the second week. Here is how I would plan it – Satan Diet Week 1 Follow it religiously
        Scope out the next week and find a 7 day period that won’t force you to cheat. If you have something special on what would be Day 2, eat Ultimate Soup only until what would have been Day 2 Week 2 – have your special occasion but remember that any pound you gain you will have to start taking off tomorrow! On what would be Day 3, start the diet on Day 1. (I hope that wasn’t too confusing – in short, use the soup as a placeholder if 2 weeks in a row of this type of eating messes up a food-based special occasion.)

        Hopefully this all helps! Let me know how it goes for you!!

      • Thank you so much for your quick reply! You are so kind and positive.
        My favorite thang is you answered my questions step by step.
        Just a little more info on my end…don’t know if it will help me figure out weight loss.

        I ate all my fruits & veggies sans anything. Didn’t even eat a baked potato.
        The yogurt/milk measurement I used was 8oz milk, 1/2 cup yogurt.
        I will try your suggestions for week 2, and then maybe the Cupcake Diet minus the cupcake (don’t care for them or muffins).

        Since I only have 10 lbs to lose, maybe it is harder. I have also tried to lose the same 10lbs with MyFitnessPal, eating 1200-1400 calories p/day and walking 10,000 steps and more a day. (many 5 mile days). I logged every dang thing and lost 1lb in 60 days. At least I learned the caloric values of all my food!
        I have always eaten healthy…never eat fried foods, junk (potato chips, crackers) or crappy fast food. (Just Wendy’s salad w/chicken, no dressing, for example)

        So, I am obviously very determined to lose these 10lbs. It is so uncomfortable to carry any extra weight of any amount.

        Thank you so much for your feedback…it is encouraging and helpful!

      • Anytime! I’m confident you’ll get down to the weight you want to be. It sounds as if you are already on the thin side and already exercising so I’ll mention one more thing. Sometimes boosting the exercise a bit by running or swimming will help you eliminate those stubborn pounds when walking doesn’t do it. Best wishes!

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