You Say Tomato, I say Yuck

ImageIt’s the night before Easter and we are terrified. How do we survive Easter without our annual dose of candy!?!?!  We love Easter Bunny food! And today was a pretty hard day. We were so excited for chicken and tomato day but the reality is this: chicken is hard to eat for breakfast. We prefer the chicken’s progeny for breakfast: you know; the humble egg.

Do you decorate Easter Eggs? We love decorating them and then cracking them open and making egg salad sandwiches. Egg salad on toasted wheat bread. That is the best! And yet another Easter tradition we have to forego this Easter. ** Sad Face**. This weekend we will have to wait to eat our sandwiches and candy until Tuesday. It makes us sad but we’re willing to make the sacrifice because the Satan Diet is really working! Every day we watch the little numbers on the scales get smaller and smaller and we are very happy!

We’ve been willing to eat chicken and tomatoes but are so grateful this day is over. For some reason the chicken and tomatoes made us both a bit sick to our stomachs. We didn’t eat all of the tomatoes we could have because being nauseated isn’t very fun when we could simply be starving instead. The dreaded vegetable day was not so bad dompater to this day. And we were honestly looking forward to today. What a nasty surprise!

Anyway, we would suggest you look at your calendar before starting the Satan Diet. Make sure you don’t have a very tempting weekend or special occasion that occurs during the week. The diet isn’t so bad if you are using it during a fairly slow week.

So Emma told us today that we are definitely not picky eaters. It warmed our hearts. She set a new standard for us and everyone else: “You aren’t a picky eater if you are willing to eat everything Ben and Jerry’s puts in their ice cream.” Hey, we eat all of that!  She is such a good daughter and sister! Wait, this is what got us into trouble in the first place…


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