Satan Diet – Day 3

DonutsSo the poopy puppies are starting to recover. But they’re still pretty stinky and lethargic. They keep begging for our food and we look at them and say, “Why? Why would you want to eat this?” We have an ulterior motive; puppy clean up is pretty bad right now. But we got to eat both fruits and vegetables today and it honestly wasn’t that bad! We were surprised that this stuff is pretty filling.  Neither of us got hungry. (Well, of course not. We could eat all we wanted.) Problem is, a nice salad just isn’t the same as a piece of pie. We really and honestly miss our sugar.

Around 5:30 p.m. we start thinking and talking about food. But only sugary, yummy foods. We added cranberries to our salad to make us feel better about the sugar thing at dinner time. It worked for Sherry but not for Brooke. Why do old people like cranberries anyway? We took our minds off of yummy food by heading out to Marshalls for some shopping. We came home with a pretty new dress for Brooke and a bag of caramels. But we have not touched them! They are a treat for some future day – after we’ve lost a few pounds and need to celebrate.

Are we the only ones that celebrate with food? We seem to do this a lot and eating food to celebrate weight loss seems somewhat sadistic at this point.  When Sherry was working on her doctorate, we would celebrate small milestones by going to get ice cream or donuts. We do the same with Brooke and law school. We still haven’t found a great donut place in Connecticut – but we are determined to do so!

The donut shop where we used to live makes the donuts fresh, while you wait. It’s pretty awesome to see them move from the rising racks to the innocuous looking river of molten oil. They plop in and meander about halfway through the river before a little gate flips them over so they can cook on the other side. As they finish the trip down the river, they’re a nice golden brown. They slowly catch onto the conveyer belt that pulls them out of the oil and carries them to the waterfall of icing.  As they turn the corner the employee scoops them up and gives everyone a free donut while they wait for their orders. So yummy! The donut shop was called Krispy Kreme.  We heard there was a Krispy Kreme here in Connecticut, at Mohegan Sun.

We jumped in the car for an afternoon adventure to find this Mohegan Sun place and take part in the donut making ritual. And we found a gas station that sells Krispy Kreme donuts – but does not make them onsite. We still bought some and had a tiny donut feast before heading back home. We found ourselves in Rhode Island (directionally challenged? yes we are!) and had to turn around and get a second order of donuts for the real trip back home.  We sure wish we had a real donut shop here! But not this week. We are determined to stay true to this diet and so far it’s been relatively easy.


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