The Satan Diet – Day 1

Fruit HeartDay 1 of the Satan Diet found us munching on fruits all day long. Breakfast was a fine meal of grapefruit and kiwis.  Lunch was drastic; Brooke was at school and her grapes got squished in her backpack. That’s the problem with healthy eating for a law student – her backpack is stuffed with books, papers, and her computer and there just isn’t room for soft, squishy food like grapes. It’s amazing how Oreos and candy bars can hold their shape under similar adversity. Oooo candy bars….we miss you so!  When Brooke found her mashed grapes, she gave up the idea of lunch and waited patiently for 5 p.m.  She returned home ravenous and with a headache.  A fine dinner of cantaloupe, grapes (unsquished), and pineapple (and a little angry nap) left her feeling much better. Progress update: she would not eat the orange.

An angry nap is a special sort of nap at our house. If you’ve a bad day or find yourself in a bad bad mood you just might be sent to bed for an angry nap. Angry naps give you a fresh start: somehow your reset button gets pushed and you usually wake up happier and with life in perspective. Once you have been subjected to one, you will see the wisdom in it. We now recognize the dire need for these naps and will send ourselves to bed when life gets ugly.

Sherry enjoyed breakfast and ate unsquished  grapes for lunch (working from home has it’s perks and today grapes was one of them). However, she never quite felt satisfied all day long. She, too, found herself with a headache at the end of the day. We wondered out loud if we were going through sugar withdrawal. Through the mist of two headaches we came to the sudden realization that everything we’d eaten today was sugar!!  Hmmm. Can you go through processed sugar withdrawal while still eating fruit?  If our headaches ever go away we shall pursue that thought.

We didn’t whine much today. We don’t really have time to not just get on board with this diet because it moves too fast. Tomorrow is vegetable day. We aren’t sure how we’re going to get through the day since we aren’t really very big on veggies. We are sitting here right now trying to figure out what we should eat for breakfast.  Thank goodness we have a few hours.


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