Weight, It’s Breakfast? 3/12/2013

Brownies!We’re doing better today. Maybe just realizing that we are doing a DTR has helped. But you know what else has really helped? Breakfast.

We hate breakfast. Well, we have never thought of ourselves as breakfast people. When Brooke was a little girl, Sherry would faithfully make her a healthy breakfast each and every morning.  Then Sherry started graduate school and life fell apart a little. Well, a lot. Sherry went from making all of her own bread, pasta, sauces, and cookies to never cooking. Never, ever. Getting a doctorate is hard work that changes a person and during the thick of it, something’s got to give. It was cooking. And Brooke and her sisters started eating breakfast like a lot of other teenagers. That would be defined as never eating breakfast. Unless there happened to be some brownies left over from the night before.

We were a bit concerned about this original Weight Watcher’s diet saying we needed to eat breakfast. We struggled with the first few days of it. The eggs were more than our sugar-loving systems could handle. They actually made us a little nauseated. We realized this past week that if we eat part of the toast while the eggs were cooking, we didn’t get so sick. Now we have a little routine where ½ grapefruit, 1 egg, and 1 slice of toast makes it to the breakfast table every morning for each of us. And we’re really enjoying the re-established routine of breakfast!  Who would’ve thought?

Maybe part of our gaining weight was our giving up on the structures that create a daily routine. We’d skip breakfast, graze our way to lunch, grab a quick fat-filled lunch, and then make something for dinner. In all honesty, we’re pretty sure we consumed our allotted calories before we ever sat down to the lunch table. Now that we eat breakfast, we aren’t hungry until lunch time – I kind of remember (vaguely) that this is how it worked several years ago – slight hunger pangs heralded lunch time. And we’re both really liking this! In fact, Brooke (who complained vociferously when introduced to the idea that grapefruit was actually edible) looks forward to her morning grapefruit. So life is good.

We are settling into this Weight Watcher’s diet.  Now that the whining is pretty much concluded, we are aligning our eating habits to a healthier, more structured regimen that just might let us lose weight! Hooray! This week, Brooke lost 1.5 pounds and Sherry lost .58 pounds. We don’t feel our lack of substantive success can be attributed to the diet, since we were too busy whining and cheating to allow ourselves to succeed for the first part of the week. So we are discussing whether we will need to extend our Weight Watcher’s diet for an extra week to be fair. We’ll let you know what we decide. First we must do a little more negotiating regarding fish. (People actually eat fish!?!?! Such a surprise!)


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