Whine and Dine 3/8/13

...this stuff here!

…this stuff here!

Okay. We didn’t post anything the past couple of days because all we can do is WHINE!!

So we spent some time thinking on this and talking about it and this is what we think.  (Follow this circuitous train of thought, please, it really will make sense.) We chose to start a diet. We want to lose weight. In fact, we are committed to losing weight! And we wanted to share our experiences with you, kind reader, in case you were interested in losing a bit of weight along the way. So why are we sitting around whining?

We find ourselves whining and trying to talk each other into cheating: I even talk myself into trying to cheat. (Okay, I have to make a confession here. We hid half a container of Trader Joe’s orange sticks in the freezer to keep us from temptation during diet time. While Brooke was at school, I cheated. She came home to completely empty container still sitting in the freezer with the lid ripped off and mercilessly tossed aside. (Did you know those orange sticks don’t really freeze? They stay soft in the middle – which is surprisingly delicious and I ate them all in a two hour period and I am so ashamed.)  Why why why?  We wondered if it was time to admit failure and quit the diet. So we talked.

We devloped some new insights on dieting.  Whether we like it or not we all have a relationship with food. Gone are the days where food provides only sustenance. Some of us eat when we’re happy. Some of us eat when we’re bored. Some of us eat when we’re sad. You get the point.  We realized starting a diet is a lot like having a DTR (i.e., define the relationship) moment with someone we truly love but are getting too much of.  It’s hard to break off a relationship; any relationship. And, although food doesn’t promise to change or get all clingy, each of us has to face a period of  adjustment if we are to set our relationship with food right.  So we whine.  We think about going back. We see someone enjoying food the way we used to and we get petulant.

We came to the conclusion that this must happen and it is healthy! In order to move forward on a diet – any diet – you have to grieve your old relationship with food a bit so you can get to a new place.  You have to figure out how to fill the holes left in your life that food used to fill.

Realizing this and acknowledging that it’s a very normal step in a diet plan has been cathartic. We aren’t big babies for whining about being on a self-imposed diet. We are actually taking a very healthy step in breaking off a relationship that, though comfortable, is making us fat. Sorry food, we have to break up. (I still love you!)  Brooke has broken out in song…..oh dear.  We aren’t fails for cheating or for wanting to revert to old habits – we don’t need to hang our heads in shame and quit – we’re succeeding because even with a few hard days behind us we can move forward and redefine our relationship with food.

Okay. We told you how I failed with Trader Joe’s (now known as Traitor Joe’s haha). Now we will tell you about a success. Brooke went to lunch with a friend at Noodles and Company. She loves pasta and was worried about wrecking her resolve to diet while there. She oredered a Chicken Caesar wrap for the first time in her life because she knew she was supposed to eat 4 oz of lean meat and 1 slice of bread as per our original Weight Watcher’s commitment. And she was surprised at how much she enjoyed it! She ate lettuce (a miracle for her), it was tasty and satisfying, and she didn’t have to break her diet!  Success!!!

So we’ve decided it’s okay to enjoy a little whine with dinner (or even with breakfast) because we are going to get past this and our DTR with food is going to make us happy in the long term. And cheating – well, one of us is worse at this than the other. (We’ll let you guess who has to work on that one.)

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