Thank You Trader Joe’s

So the first step to this diet actually began last night, with us eating all of the tempting foods we had picked up at that wonderland of delicious temptations known as Trader Joe’s.  This was actually quite strategic since we know we don’t have the will power to leave it in the cabinet, or anywhere else in the house for that matter.  We went to Trader Joe’s to pick up coconut oil because Brooke has been wanting to see if it lives up to its reputation as a miracle moisturizer.  True to form we walked out with german lace cookies, garlic naan, orange sticks, grapefruits and one yogurt.  We bought a single yogurt because we are on a continuing quest to find yogurt that does not taste quite so yogurt-y.  I am  fully aware that this seems like an oxymoron, however Tillamook yogurt is amazing and tastes like a treat while sneaking in all that probiotic healthy stuff that we’re supposed to eat yogurt to get.  We usually hate yogurt because of that sour taste it has but Tillamook yogurt (the marionberry flavor in particular) is actually good enough to replace ice cream on occasion.  Unfortunately, Tillamook is not sold on the east coast and thus the yogurt dilemma is reborn.  Even worse is going without Tillamook ice cream.  But that’s another story.

This morning we had only the grapefruits, and the yogurt left.  Happily the grapefruit was delicious and helped motivate us to finish the cottage cheese portion of our breakfast so we could finish up with grapefruit.  Up until last month Brooke refused to eat grapefruit.  She has always had citrus fruit issues, and still looks upon oranges with deep suspicion.  We’re working on it.  In any case over the last month we have experimented with various grapefruits trying to find the magical one that she will eat with minimal complaining.  Ruby red grapefruits are consistently more acceptable, and even sometimes tasty.  The grapefruit from Trader Joe’s that we ate this morning was our first from there (we generally only buy their treats and avoid the produce) and we were pleasantly surprised.  It was sweet and fairly easy to get the fruit out of, even for a grapefruit novice like Brooke.  The difficult part of the morning was cottage cheese.  Another food that Brooke has traditionally shunned.  It was as unpleasant as she expected.

The most difficult part of this day was reigning in our tendency to graze.  Around 3:00 pm we wander into the kitchen and stare longingly into the fridge and pantry.  The problem is not that we are hungry, it’s that we miss eating.  However so far our reunion with snacks has remained purely in the realm of fantasy.

The second hardest part was that we kept trying to convince each other to eat things we’re not supposed to.  We won’t cheat if we have to do it alone but brownies, ice cream, and cookies have all been casually proposed as something we could eat.  The few remaining orange sticks keep staring us down but so far we have resisted.

I don’t know about you or your dieting experiences but for us dieting appears to be an exercise in creating new habits and trying to develop self control when it comes to food.


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